Laurie by Andrew Coleman Photography
Laurie by Andrew Coleman Photography

“Words can’t adequately express the deep appreciation in my heart and soul to have experienced the wonder of the Grand Tetons with you on this photographer’s retreat! As I witnessed the incredulous beauty of each place you took us to, I was filled with the deepest joy from within my soul that brought tears to my eyes!.

     The major appreciation of life for me besides my friends and family is experiencing the wonders of nature! Whether it is the beauty of the clouds, the wonder of a rainbow, the excitement of being near a thunderous waterfall, the pure joy of being on a serene lake in a boat or watching the waves crash at the ocean always fills me with incredible happiness! Your photographer’s retreat was an experience that I will always treasure. You are an amazing photographer and watching you photograph was an eye-opening experience of what a photographer does in order to capture the perfect scene at the perfect time!”
– Laurie Kroschinsky

Scenes captured by Laurie Kroschinsky during the 2018 Photographer Retreat:

“During the last week of October (2018) I had the opportunity to stay in the beautiful Bentwood Inn for the purpose of participating in a Photography Retreat workshop led by renown National Geographic photographer Andy Coleman. The courtesy, warmth, attentiveness, professionalism, local knowledge of, and the excellent guidance offered by the inn keeping team was collectively the best of the best — perfectly reflecting the unique frontier ambiance of this luxurious World Collection National Geographic Lodge.

Andy’s comprehensive workshop, designed to transform armature photographers into proud craftsmen of creative images, was a tremendous success. Innkeepers Keith & Nastassia joined with master teacher Andy to create a most memorable experience, nothing short on a lifetime lodging, learning, doing, and enjoying experience — all of this in the glorious shadow one of the most beautiful places in the world, the Grand Teton. The Bentwood is all log, really large beautiful logs, next time I am in Jackson Hole, Wyoming it’s where you can find me.”

– George

Scenes captured by George during the 2018 Photographer Retreat:

“I attended the photography retreat at the Bentwood Inn in late October 2018. I think I can say for all three of the attendees that this was an exceptionally memorable experience. Our instructor was Andy Coleman, a photographer with National Geographic. I can’t get over how much I learned over three and a half very full days with Andy.

The main part of the course involved traveling with Andy to all of the places in Grand Teton National Park where he would go to shoot wildlife or landscape (and sometimes both at the same time) for National Geographic. We learned by doing, following Andy as he showed us both technically and artistically how he takes those iconic pics that grace National Geo. Andy was very generous with his time. This was basically a full immersion course as we left the Inn an hour before sunrise and stayed out after sunset. We would have been out to photograph the night sky as well if the moon and weather had only cooperated.

Andy did a great job of providing instruction to each of the attendees although we had varying levels of experience. I can’t wait to do it again! As far as the Bentwood Inn, itself, it was the perfect base camp. Andy and Nastassia were outstanding hosts: friendly and welcoming, knowledgeable about the area, and Andy is a great chef. No matter how early we were headed out, Andy had something tasty for us to take along. More formal meals at the Inn were outstanding. The common rooms at the Inn were a comfortable and warm place to relax, during the few bits of down time we had. I stayed in the Cowboy Room downstairs and it was excellent. You can’t go wrong staying here, whether attending the next photography retreat, or visiting Jackson for skiing in the winter or touring the Grand Tetons at other times of the year.”

– Jon