Bentwood Inn is committed to operating in a sustainable manner. We are actively working to measure and reduce our environmental impact in every area of operation, including water, energy, solid waste, landscaping, and food preparation. Our list of sustainable initiatives is in no way final—it remains a work in progress as we implement new approaches to conserving resources and enhance our guest experience in Jackson Hole. We are proud to be a part of Jackson Hole’s legacy as a globally recognized sustainable tourism destination!

Sustainability-Focused Lodging Awaits at Bentwood Inn

Green Features and Initiatives at Bentwood Inn

At Bentwood Inn, we believe it’s important to maintain a below-threshold relationship with the environment—especially when it comes to energy and water use. Our initial sustainability audit was completed in October 2014, then revised in October 2019. The following actions have been implemented to date on our property:


  • Installation of LED lighting in all public areas of the property
  • Implementation of timers for all light fixtures on the property to conserve energy
  • Inclusion of both a Tesla and universal charging station
  • Composting regimen in place for yard waste and non-recyclable cardboard (as well as a partnership with WyoFarm Composting)
  • Complimentary guest use of bicycles on the property
  • Wind power subsidy paid as part of our commitment to renewable energy
  • 2,000 feet of round-wire fencing removed from the property to allow for obstacle-free wildlife movement
  • Recycling system in place for glass, aluminum, cardboard, and all other allowable recyclables
  • Recycling bins and reminders for guests placed around the property.


  • Natural, locally sourced products in all guest rooms (soaps, shampoos, salt scrub) in reusable containers
  • Food purchases that emphasize local and organic goods; supply lines with local vendors such as Vertical Harvest and Cosmic Apple Farms
  • BPA-free branded water bottles available to guests (eliminating plastic water bottle use)
  • A two-tank system with a timer for on-demand hot water supply (to reduce heat loss during off-peak hours)
  • Carpets updated to certified CRI Green Label+, the highest carpet industry standard for healthy, “green-friendly” living spaces
  • Use of 100% biodegradable and 100% compostable garbage bags; reusable grocery and produce sacks in each of our guest rooms.


  • Implementation of GreenView, a software application meant for tracking hotels’ environmental data
  • Installation of a water sub-meter that monitors the use of our water each month (maintained with software that tracks usage and alerts regarding leaks)
  • Commitment to install renewable energy systems by 2024
  • Carbon emissions calculated as a first step toward reducing and eventually offsetting our emissions
  • An active business member of 1% For the Tetons, Sustainable Travel International, and The Riverwind Foundation
  • An enthusiastic supporter of local, national, and international conservation programs, with financial contributions made to the International League of Conservation Photographers, the IUCN Tapir Research Group, Working Bikes, and many others.

Obtaining Green Certifications

Platinum GreenLeader Status with the TripAdvisor® GreenLeaders Program

Bentwood Inn is proud to maintain Platinum GreenLeader Status with the TripAdvisor® GreenLeaders Program, the highest level rewarded by TripAdvisor within this program. The GreenLeaders program helps travelers around the world plan more eco-friendly trips by showcasing hotels and B&Bs engaging in a variety of environmentally friendly practices. Travelers are now able to search for lodging with TripAdvisor GreenLeaders status, as well as view a detailed list of all of the eco-friendly practices that each property offers. In order to achieve Platinum GreenLeader status, a property must meet a set of rigorous environmental standards.

Member of the National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World Collection

The National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World collection features a handful of the world’s best inns, hotels, and B&Bs paving the way in sustainability and guest experience. Membership is based on rigorous inspection and Bentwood Inn is very proud to have been invited to join.

Rated 5/5 Green Keys by Green Key Global

Bentwood Inn is a proud recipient of the highest possible rating awarded by the prestigious Green Key Global Eco-Rating Program. According to the certificate awarded by Green Key Global, the recipients of this great honor must show outstanding leadership in sustainability and a commitment to protecting the environment.

Aligning with Jackson Hole’s Sustainability Code of Conduct

Wyoming’s Teton County serves as a global leader for its sustainable initiatives. The Jackson Hole and Yellowstone Sustainable Destination Program created a Code of Conduct in order to unify the community around several central goals regarding eco-friendliness. Bentwood Inn strives to meet these goals alongside Teton County. Some of Teton County’s Code of Conduct goals are as follows:

  • Serve as a community leader in environmental stewardship
  • Influence the behavior of ~22,000 residents and ~3.5 million annual visitors
  • Create a greater awareness of our sustainability values among all stakeholders, students, residents, visitors, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies
  • Promote opportunities for further engagement in and support of local sustainability initiatives.

Renovating to Reach New Heights

Here at Bentwood Inn, we’re constantly implementing “green” renovations to improve our efficiency and reduce our environmental footprint. In August of 2019, we hired an in-house Sustainability Coordinator to oversee all ongoing environmental initiatives at the Inn. The Sustainability Coordinator is in charge of making updates to our Sustainability Management Plan monthly, as well as interpreting all environmental data recorded in GreenView. With the presence of a full-time Sustainability Coordinator, Bentwood is now looking to further its commitment to environmental and social responsibility by undergoing the BEST Certification process.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Over the last three years, Bentwood Inn has decreased its carbon footprint by 20% (on average) each year. We’re optimistic about the future, too! Beginning in 2020, we will bring our laundry services 100% in-house. This will eliminate the use of a second party delivering our sheets and bath towels each week. We have also provided housing for three full-time employees, eliminating the need for them to travel to work. The Jackson Hole Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory found that 65% of GHGs in the Jackson area come from ground transportation. As a small business in the area, we want to do our part to lower this percentage.

Celebrating Our Natural History

In addition to our many green initiatives, we are committed to providing our guests with the opportunity to learn about the incredible natural history of the region they have selected for their vacation. Here’s how you can become immersed in our unique natural history at Bentwood Inn:

  • Utilize our natural history library in the Great Room. It’s currently stocked with over 160 titles about the natural and cultural heritage of the region.
  • Find information regarding the native people who inhabited the area first. This information can be found in our guestbooks in each room and on display in the main lobby.
  • Attend an informative dinner featuring community representatives and other guests. We maintain that field biologists coming to Jackson can stay with us for free–in exchange for a presentation about their research. Check our Facebook page to see if there are any upcoming interpretive events!

Experience the Best Sustainability-Focused Lodging for Yourself

In addition to managing sustainable tourism at Bentwood Inn, we are focused on educating our guests and giving them access to Jackson Hole through responsible vendors. Travel with seasoned naturalists while getting up-close and personal with our incredible native animal species. Or, take a ride down the Snake River while learning all about this special aquatic habitat. You can even go dog sledding through the National Elk Refuge! No matter which adventure you choose, you’ll be part of something special.

When you stay at Bentwood Inn, you stay somewhere that prioritizes the prosperity of our one planet. In addition to feeling good about your environmental impact, You’ll love your luxurious guest room and the selection of premium amenities we offer.