Why Book Direct?

There are a lot of myths out there about the best ways to plan your vacations, but we have a secret to share. Booking direct is always the best option. Why book direct? Here are just a few reasons why!

Are you thinking of planning a trip? You can access our complimentary Travel Guide to help navigate around Jackson Hole and find the best things to do, see, and eat! Don’t miss out on all of our local favorites. 

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Why Book Direct When Traveling?

Always Get the Best Price

Online travel agent sites want you to think you’re getting the best price when you book with them, but don’t let them fool you. There are often hidden fees that you’ll never have to pay when you book directly through us. Booking direct is always the best way to get the lowest rate and the most for your money. 

Gain Access to Local Tips and Information

It isn’t easy to navigate a new city, and no one knows Jackson Hole, quite like the locals. Your innkeepers are a wealth of knowledge about all things Jackson. They can point you to the best restaurants, activities, eco-tours, ski shops, and more. Don’t pass up this free resource! Plus, they can provide information that will make packing and preparing for your trip a breeze. 

Make Your Trip More Personal

Get to know your innkeepers! They can share knowledge about any events happening at the inn or in the area. They will be happy to accommodate any specific needs, such as dietary restrictions. Booking direct is the best way to ensure that all of your needs are met. 

Explore Packages That Make Your Trip Even More Special

We want you to get the most out of your stay! That’s why we’re always thinking of new seasonal packages to create an excellent experience for our guests. Whether you’re coming to Jackson Hole to admire wildlife or ride the slopes, we have something for you! 

Get Help Making Dinner and Activity Reservations 

You don’t have to waste your time planning the minor details of your trip. You should be looking forward to it! When you book direct, we can help with some of the details, such as activity and dinner reservations. We’ll take the reigns and ensure that everything goes smoothly during your Jackson Hole vacation. 

Learn About Our Classes and Retreats

We frequently host classes, workshops, and retreats that attract people from all over! When you book direct, you’ll have the chance to browse all of these options and choose any that might suit your interests. From Tuscan cooking to wildlife photography, something just might pique your interest! 

Stay With Us at Bentwood Inn

The Cowboy Room at The Bentwood InnYou’ll feel right at home in the Cowboy Room. You’ll enjoy a bit of western ambiance in this cozy space during your stay. The room features a fireplace and a comfortable reading nook that looks out into the forest. From eco-friendly bath amenities to luxury linens, we will provide everything you need to have a magical Jackson Hole experience. Check our availability and book this room direct today!