How Teton Gravity Research Creates Some of the Best Sports Films

Audience member eating popcorn while watching a film by Teton Gravity ResearchAre you an action sports fan? If so, you’ve probably heard of Teton Gravity Research. This award-winning film and media company showcases the world’s top athletes and serves as a community for action sports content. Although they push boundaries and follow stories all over the world, their headquarters are right here in Jackson Hole, WY. If you enjoy extreme sports, adventure, and stunning cinematography, be sure to check out one of Teton Gravity Research’s movies.

Teton Gravity Research History

In 1995, three fishermen from Alaska dreamed of doing something notable in the world of extreme sports. With the money they collected as commercial fishermen and heli-ski guides, they purchased camera equipment and set off to document the progression of action sports. Soon, they were creating dazzling pieces of work and became instrumental in fueling the growth of the sports they filmed.

21 years later, the company has grown significantly. Teton Gravity Research has created more than 32 films and continues to be a force in action sports culture. Today, they connect with athletes and fans across the world through film tours, a television series, merchandise, and an online blog.

Bestselling Films From Teton Gravity Research

Northern Grease (2015)

Northern Grease follows snowboarders and surfers on a mission to understand Canadian resource extraction projects. What makes the film even more interesting is the crew, who travels around BC and Alberta in a grease-powered bus.

Almost Ablaze (2014)

This movie won the company several awards, including Film of the Year at the International Freeski Film Festival. Almost Ablaze combines state-of-the-art cinematography and some of the most progressive riding on the planet. It’s a global odyssey that places the audience in the shoes of each athlete.  

Jeremy Jones’ Higher (2014)

Jeremy Jones is a ten-time Big Mountain Rider who revolutionized backcountry snowboarding in 2010. In Jeremy Jones’ Higher, you’ll witness the journey of one of the best snowboarders of our time as he takes on the highest and most remote mountain ranges in the world!

See the Films Yourself

Every year, Teton Gravity Research shows their profound films all over the country. For their 21st birthday celebration, they will premier their newest film, Tight Loose. This movie displays the amazing adventures that the crew has experienced over the years and exemplifies what happens when you push boundaries. If you would like to see Tight Loose during your Jackson Hole vacation, here are the dates and locations for upcoming premieres.

September 17, 2016: Teton Village, WY – World Premiere of Tight Loose

September 18, 2016: Jackson, WY Center for the Arts

To purchase tickets or find other premiere locations, visit the Teton Gravity Research Tours page.

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