Your Guide to Sustainable Travel in Jackson Hole

As one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing industries, tourism is a wonderful way for us to experience life and explore foreign places, from rare beaches and remote islands to National Parks and rainforests. However, tourism can often put great stress on the destinations we visit, especially those with biologically diverse habitats, endangered wildlife, and indigenous cultures. That’s why we’ve created a guide to help you embrace sustainable travel in Jackson Hole 

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How to Enjoy Sustainable Travel in Jackson Hole 

What Is Sustainable Tourism? 

Sustainable tourism is the concept of visiting a place and trying to make only a positive impact on its environment, society, and economy. In fact, mass tourism plays a major role in fossil fuel emissions and climate change, with 72% of tourism’s CO2 coming from transportation, 24% from accommodations, and 4% from local activities. Between airline flights, cab rides, water use, and food preparation, tourism and traveling can unknowingly do major damage to the world in which we live.  

Sustainable travelers seek to protect their destinations by educating themselves about the community, respecting local cultures, supporting local businesses that are environmentally conscious, and conserving resources.  

Jackson Hole Adventures for Eco-Friendly Travel 

We focus on educating our guests about eco-friendly travel and providing them with access to the beauty of Jackson Hole through responsible vendors. With Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris, our guests can travel with seasoned naturalists who are experts at explaining the dynamics of the area’s natural wonders and ecosystem. You can enjoy all this while getting up close and personal with our incredible native animal species. You can also take a ride down the river with our partnered rafting companies who will teach you all about conserving the Snake River habitat.  

Plus, The Center for Jackson Hole sponsors SHIFT Festival in the fall that celebrates sustainability and outdoor adventure tourism. Dog sledding and sleigh rides through the National Elk Refuge gift guests with fantastic once-in-a-lifetime experiences, without the harmful effects of gas-powered transportation. 

Travel Sustainably at The Bentwood Inn 

The Bentwood Inn is constantly implementing green initiatives and renovations to reduce our overall environmental footprint. Our inn features certified CRI Green Label carpeting, LED lighting throughout the property, a recycling system and compost yard, a timer for hot water, 100% biodegradable garbage bags, and a Tesla Destination Charging Station. We’re the only lodge property in all of Wyoming that offers a place for Tesla cars to charge directly from a power source! We also offer our guests only the freshest of local ingredients that emphasize local and organic produce. With comfortable rooms and suites, beautiful views, and environmentally conscious efforts, you’ll experience a wonderful stay that you can feel good about. 

More than anything, our goal is to operate our Jackson Hole bed and breakfast in a responsible manner, while also enhancing our guests’ experiences in the valley. Each day, we are implementing new approaches to conserving resources in the hopes of making our town, state, and the world, a better place to explore. Join us today!