Everything You Need to Know About Spring in Jackson Hole

Any time of year and a great time to visit Wyoming, but springtime in Jackson Hole brings a particular energy to the town as the snow begins to defrost, gorgeous blooms start to reemerge, and locals return to beloved activities like hiking. It’s one of our favorite times of the year! Below you’ll find a full guide to everything you need to know about enjoying spring in Jackson Hole 

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Your Guide to Enjoying Spring in Jackson Hole 

Jackson Hole Spring Weather 

While spring can still be a bit chilly in Jackson Hole, it’s always an exciting time of year to watch the city come back to life as the weather warms up! Temperatures will remain colder in early spring, with average highs of 42-degrees in March. Although, by the end of May, average daily highs climb to the mid-60s. It’s wise to always bring warm clothing, however, as the temperature often dips below freezing at night.  

Things to Do During Spring in Jackson Hole 


There are seemingly endless hiking opportunities around Jackson Hole, and it only gets better when spring temperatures reach their peak. What more could we ask for? We recommend hiking in Grand Teton National Park during your visit. You can find waterfalls, panoramic views, and more.  

Wildlife Photography 

Spring is a wonderful time of year for wildlife photographers to catch some fantastic shots. Spotting wildlife in common year-round in Jackson Hole, but spring presents opportunities for particularly stunning backdrops. Even if you’re a novice photographer, you’ll find this activity thrilling! Browse the best places for wildlife photography before planning.  

Grand Teton National Park Tours 

One of the best ways to indulge during a spring trip to Jackson Hole is taking advantage of the exciting Grand Teton National Park park toursTheir wildlife safaris are perfect for wildlife lovers. There’s nothing like witnessing these incredible creatures in their natural habitat.  

Events and Happenings 

Jackson Hole Rendezvous 

Jackson Hole boasts a wide variety of events and activities during the spring, but the Jackson Hole Rendezvous Festival is one of the most highly anticipated year after year.  

Yellowstone National Park Spring Opening 

Another exciting happening is the opening of the southern entrance to Yellowstone National Park! With this opening comes endless opportunities for adventure and excursions that make any trip worthwhile 

Browse the full calendar of Jackson Hole events to help plan your trip.  

Enjoy the Springtime Views at The Bentwood Inn 

There’s no better place to stay in Jackson Hole than The Bentwood Inn if you’re looking for an opportunity to truly connect with the nature and wildlife around you. Springtime is one of the best times to indulge in these sights and gain a deep appreciation for the incredible surroundings of Jackson Hole. The Bentwood Inn is a renowned lodge, named a Unique Lodge of the World by National Geographic for our extensive and ongoing sustainability efforts. Over the years we’ve made a wide number of adjustments to ensure we are living respectfully among the wildlife in Jackson Hole and being good patrons of the Earth. We also provide the highest quality accommodations and customer attention in town, with cozguest rooms, unbelievably delicious dining, and even the unique chance to spot wildlife right outside your window!  

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