Celebrate Sustainability at the Popular SHIFT Festival

Photo of hands holding the earth at the Shift Festival in Jackson HoleEach October, the SHIFT Festival in beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming, works tirelessly to educate the public on the importance of  protecting public lands, waters, and wildlife across North America and beyond. SHIFT, which stands for Shifting How we Invest For Tomorrow, hopes to inspire a partnership between outdoor recreation and conservation by offering a weekend of events and programs, including workshops, film screenings, discussions, and more – and it’s all just a short drive from the Bentwood Inn! Here are just a few reasons you should visit the 2016 SHIFT Festival.

What You’ll Learn at the SHIFT Festival in Jackson Hole

First launched in 2013, the festival now attracts thousands of attendees each year and is a wonderful event for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. This year’s event will be held from October 13 – 15 at the Jackson Hole Center for the Arts and will focus on a few key principles for advancing outdoor recreation and conservation. Be sure to check the website frequently for updates on events and programs offered at the 2016 conference.

Important Facts & Statistics

While outdoor recreation fosters human health and well-being, many people don’t know that it can adversely affect our public lands and waters. Mass tourism often puts great stress on the wildlife, habitats, and destinations we visit and even contributes to fossil fuel emissions and climate change. Studies show that mass tourism poses a significant threat to the environment by:

  • Depleting the water supply
  • Bringing in species (insects, plants, and diseases) that are not native to the local environment and that can cause enormous disruption of ecosystems
  • Overusing mountain, marine, and coastal environments
  • Increasing pollution through traffic emissions, littering, and sewage production

Presenting Solutions

We all know that travel is one of the most rewarding human experiences available on our planet, so how do we solve this problem? The SHIFT Festival believes that awareness about sustainable tourism and ethical outdoor behavior are essential for conserving our lands. Visitors must demonstrate respect for land, water, and wildlife so that future generations can enjoy them for many years to come. In addition, land managers and visitors alike must make better decisions about which activities are best suited for which environments in order to meet both conservation and recreation needs. To make this solution a reality, the Bentwood Inn helped to create One Percent for the Tetons, an organization that funds and encourages efforts to sustain the Tetons region’s extraordinary natural resources.

Why Jackson Hole?

Home to Grand Teton National Park (the first National Park in the country) as well as various wildlife preserves and refuges, Jackson Hole, Wyoming is an ideal location for the SHIFT Festival. Here, responsible outdoor recreational activities including guided nature walks, wildlife viewing tours, and more help visitors to experience and appreciate the beauty of the world around them.

Go Green with the Bentwood Inn

As passionate advocates for sustainable tourism, the Bentwood Inn is constantly implementing green initiatives to reduce our overall environmental footprint. Our inn features certified CRI Green Label carpeting, a recycling system and compost yard, a timer for hot water, a Tesla Destination Charging Station, local and organic produce, and much more – and with so many environmentally conscious efforts and luxurious amenities, you’ll experience an incredible and educational stay that you can feel good about. We can’t wait to see you soon!

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Photo Credit: RomoloTavani | Thinkstock