What Are the Best Jackson Hole Winter Activities?

There really is no off-season in Jackson Hole. In fact, the winter months offer some of the most beautiful sights and exciting activities in the world. Whether you’re an adventure seeker looking for the thrill of a lifetime or would rather stay out of the cold all together, the number of Jackson Hole winter activities is so substantial that there’s something for everyone to do. For an extensive list of Jackson Hole’s best restaurants, activities, and places to visit, make sure you download our free Vacation Guide. This expertly constructed travel guide ensures that your next trip to Jackson Hole is one you’ll never forget!

7 Jackson Hole Winter Activities You Need to Experience


If you’re not an expert skier, a great way to safely experience the beautiful Wyoming backcountry is on the back of a snowmobile. Jackson Hole is home to some of the best guided snowmobile tours in the country. Even if you feel like snowmobiling is a bit out of your comfort zone, you won’t want to miss The Snowmobile Hill Climb in March! This popular annual event attracts thousands of spectators each year. Watch as participants race up King Mountain, sending some riders tumbling towards the base while others race to victory.

Cross-Country Skiing

Another exciting way to experience the Jackson Hole wilderness in the winter is to go crosscountry skiing. The valley is home to a number of cross-country skiing tracks and has open wilderness areas near Grand Teton and Yellowstone. Work your way through the winter weather with the majestic Rocky Mountains painting the skyline.

Dog Sledding and Sleigh Rides

Dog sledding dates back to 2000 B.C. and is still a brilliant way to get around the winter landscape in Jackson Hole. Sled Dog Excursions and the National Elk Refuge offer one-of-a-kind sleigh rides and guided tours of the Wyoming wilderness. Enjoy the frozen scenery with this bucket list winter tradition.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Jackson Hole is a premier destination for skiers from around the world. With some of the best resorts and most impressive runs in the country, it’s no surprise that Forbes Magazine has named Jackson Hole one of the best ski areas in North America three years in a row.

Nearby Wyoming ski resorts:


For expert skiers and adventurous spirits, heli-skiing is the perfect chance to carve up some of Wyoming’s uncharted backcountry. If the ski resorts just aren’t cutting it for you anymore, let High Mountain Heli Skiing take you to the best bowls and chutes in Grand Teton and Hoback. For newcomers, powder and heli-skiing camps are also available.  

Winter Wildlife Tours

Jackson Hole is a mecca for wildlife photographers from around the world due to the large number of native animals and beautiful, mountainous landscapes. What many people don’t realize, however, is that the winter seasons in Jackson hole offer an equally abundant opportunity for experiencing Wyoming wildlife. Take a winter safari on your next trip to the national parks!

Shopping and Dining

Jackson Hole isn’t just an amazing wildlife destination. It’s also home to some of the best restaurants and places to shop in all of Wyoming. Take a quick break from the cold and grab a drink at one of Wyoming’s best breweries or gear up for your wilderness tour at Hoback Sports.

Where to Stay in Jackson Hole in the Winter

cowboy room interior view

After you’re done exploring Wyoming and experiencing all of Jackson Hole’s amazing outdoor activities, you’ll need a warm place to spend the night. Luckily, the Bentwood Inn is right in the heart of Jackson Hole with easy access to all of the best things to do this winter.

With such an amazing destination, why settle for a less-than-amazing lodging experience? Take a look at the Bentwood Inn’s Cowboy Room for an accommodation that’s as beautiful as the frozen landscape. This king room features a private entrance on the first floor, a fireplace, and all of our best amenities. Take a step towards your dream vacation and book your stay now