Spectacularly Beautiful Jackson Hole Wildlife: A Guide

Jackson Hole WildlifeThe incredible nature in Wyoming attracts thousands of visitors to the wild west each year. From magnificent mammals to unique birds and fish, Jackson Hole wildlife is some of the most fascinating in the country. Being able to observe these animals in their natural habitat is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all who visit our beautiful area.

Experience Jackson Hole Wildlife Up Close

With a variety of awe-inspiring animals not found anywhere else, a trip to Wyoming will have you feeling completely immersed in nature. With a multitude of activities to choose from, guests will have the opportunity to see species that they thought only existed on Discovery Channel! Here are some of our favorite ways to experience Jackson Hole wildlife.

Animals On Land

The best way to get up-close and personal with our animals is to take a wildlife safari tour. At Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris, guests will be able to see amazing wildlife that roam Grand Teton National Park and the National Elk Refuge during their sunrise & sunset tours. Bison, elk, moose, and even bald eagles have been spotted by guests during these prime touring hours.

Or, take a 4-hour wildlife tour in the Tetons with EcoTour Safaris, where you’ll travel on rugged, unmarked dirt roads in a four-wheel drive vehicle. You’ll learn all about the animals from passionate and knowledgeable guides and will be able to observe pronghorn antelope, wolves, black bears, and grizzly bears free of distractions.

Backcountry Safaris is another great option to see Jackson Hole wildlife.

When you stay with us at the Bentwood Inn, we will gladly plan a guided wildlife tour for you, complete with a 3-night stay, 4-course dinner, and complimentary breakfast! A local naturalist will explain how our animals survive the tough winter conditions in Jackson Hole, and you’ll leave feeling both astonished and educated.

Animals in the Water

Experience awesome fly fishing in Jackson Hole when you take a guided trip with Snake River Angler. While traveling down the famous Snake River, you’ll be able to see (and maybe even catch!) various types of fish, including native rainbow trout and rare cutthroats. Wandering Angler has trips that accommodate all skill levels, from beginner fishers and children to the most advanced angling enthusiasts. Fly fishing is a great way to get “hooked” on Jackson Hole wildlife!

For more wildlife viewing by boat, enjoy “Breakfast with the Eagles” at Jackson Hole Vintage Adventures.  Guests will push off into the river during the early morning hours, and will snuggle in warm blankets as they watch majestic bald eagles fly overhead. The calm and serene sounds of the river will make this Jackson Hole wildlife experience one you’ll never forget.

Feed Your Wild Side

Get to know our area’s remarkable, native inhabitants by trying any of these activities and bonding with Jackson Hole wildlife! When you stay with us at The Bentwood Inn, our charming and rustic rooms and suites will provide comfort and relaxation after a day spent discovering Wyoming’s amazing animals. You may even have the opportunity to be visited by some of Jackson Hole’s local wildlife during breakfast. The image to the right was taken on our property. For more footage of this incredible moment, watch the video below for an up-close look at a family of moose roaming right through our backyard as guests enjoy their breakfast!

For more incredible Jackson Hole attractions, be sure to download our free vacation guide!

Photo: Jupiterimages | ThinkStock