How to Really Enjoy a Jackson Hole Shopping Experience

Jackson Hole shoppingPicking up the same old souvenirs when you’re on a trip can often be mundane and boring. After an amazing vacation, you want to bring home unique treasures that capture the memories you made in that area. Fortunately, when you stay in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, you can do just that! Our stores carry beautiful, rare pieces that will remind you of your incredible trip each time you look at them. Jackson Hole shopping is unlike anywhere else, so be sure to check these places out if you’re in need of some retail therapy!

Go on a Jackson Hole Shopping Trip

With a variety of specialty stores to choose from, it’s easy to find gifts for the family, original pieces for your home, or rare collectibles. Wherever you choose to go, these stores in Jackson Hole have something for everyone!

Astoria Fine Art

This stunning fine art gallery is located in Jackson Hole Town Square and is one of the top galleries in the nation. Astoria features a variety of original works by artists from 20 states and 5 countries and is the perfect place to find a one-of-a-kind piece of art for your home. 

Belle Cose

For the ultimate in home decor, be sure to visit Belle Cose. They have everything from gorgeous dinnerware and gifts to kitchen accessories and products for entertaining. Belle Cose also has an impressive selection of Christmas items. Surprise your guests with a stunning table setting at your next dinner party, and you can tell them that it’s all thanks to Jackson Hole shopping.

Fighting Bear Antiques

Antiques make wonderful souvenirs because of their rarity, impeccable details, and craftsmanship. At Fighting Bear Antiques, you can bring home a piece that will become the topic of conversation in your home. They specialize in unique finds like rustic furniture, American Indian beadwork, and Navajo rugs and textiles. When you purchase one of their items, you’ll be able to bring Jackson Hole home with you.


This charming women’s boutique in Jackson Hole is a fantastic place to go to shop like a Wyoming native. Their relaxed, comfortable clothing is perfect for both mountain and city lifestyles. Habits’ handmade sweaters, custom jewelry, and quality denim make them a standout store in the area. Be sure to stop by during your shopping excursion.

Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Co.

If your taste buds are looking to try something different, look no further than this specialty store! For a great gift for family or friends, purchase the Buffalo Meat Company family pack. You’ll get samples of buffalo salami, buffalo jerky, assorted gourmet mustard, and even huckleberry chocolates. Your friends will be able to savor incredible flavors that come straight from Jackson Hole.

Stay at the Bentwood Inn

After a wonderful day of Jackson Hole shopping, come back to unsurpassed comfort and luxury at the Bentwood Inn. A delicious home-cooked meal at the Bentwood Bistro will have you feeling refreshed after a long day, and our beautiful rooms and suites will guarantee you a restful night’s sleep. For more information on Jackson Hole shopping and other things to do in the area, download our free vacation guide!

Photo: Top Photo Corporation | ThinkStock