What Makes the Jackson Hole Live Stream So Interesting?

View of Town Square near the Jackson Hole LivestreamJackson Hole, Wyoming is a small mountain town with plenty to do and see. It’s also recently become an internet sensation. Last year, thousands of people from around the globe began watching a live stream of an intersection in Jackson – and nobody knows why. Besides tiny storefronts, trees, and mountains in the distance, the intersection looks pretty average; but after the stream went viral, the story was picked up by big-time media outlets like TIME, Forbes, Thrillist, The Independent and more. So what exactly will you see on the Jackson Hole live stream? Read on to find out.

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About the Jackson Hole Live Stream

How It Started

Teton County hosts close to a dozen live webcams of various tourist attractions in the area, including Teton Village and Yellowstone National Park. They’re meant to give potential visitors a better sense of the attractions as well as local weather and traffic. But for some reason, everyone is glued to the live feed of Jackson Hole Town Square.

Jackson began streaming footage of its town square on July 20, 2016. Since then, the continuous live stream has developed its own internet subculture. The chat feature is filled with comments referencing what happens on screen, from unusual looking cars to people walking their dogs. Certain elements have even taken on a life of their own.

Popular Trends

One of most notable features of the Jackson Hole live stream is an enthusiasm for red trucks, which get singled out whenever they drive by. People even go to the town square to share their red truck love in person! Another fascination is Jackson’s elk antler arch. Commenters regularly praise the arch and demand that people “feed it” by walking through it.

Community Involvement

For the most part, Jackson locals seem to be ignoring the live stream. But there are some exceptions. Once, a few people arrived to “feed the arch” with a giant pizza prop. A local sheriff even pulled up in the middle of the night to do the chicken dance for the camera. With hundreds (sometimes thousands) of viewers at any given time, it’s no wonder this community has become the talk of the web.

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