5 of the Best Places to Go Cross-Country Skiing in Jackson Hole

Couple Cross Country Skiing in Jackson HoleDid you know that Jackson Hole, Wyoming has a thriving Nordic skiing scene? Also known as cross-country skiing, this popular sport forces skiers to move unassisted across the snow. It provides a fantastic full-body workout and is a great social activity to enjoy with family and friends. Just make sure you have the appropriate skills, knowledge, and equipment to tackle the terrain! Here are some of our favorite places to go cross-country skiing in Jackson Hole.

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Where to Enjoy Cross-Country Skiing in Jackson Hole

1. Grand Teton National Park

If you’re looking for a fun and easy cross-country experience, look no further than Grand Teton National Park. The park’s main road is closed to cars from November to March and is nicely groomed and maintained. It also offers the flattest cross-country skiing in the area, making it ideal for groups of all ages and skill levels. We recommend following Moose-Wilson Road for 2.9 miles to the other parking area, then turning around for a 5.8-mile round trip ski with 500 feet of elevation gain.

2. Cache Creek

Are you in the mood for a challenge? Take a short trip to Cache Creek. Just two miles from Jackson Town Square, this groomed, five-mile trail climbs 1,200 feet if you take it to its end – though most people don’t make it past the second mile. Classic skiers, Nordic skiers, snowshoers, fat bikers, trail runners, and hikers frequent Cache Creek all winter long.

3. Teton Pines

Teton Pines Nordic Center is located within Teton Pines Country Club and maintains about ten miles of track for cross-country skiing techniques. Gear rentals, information, and personalized instruction are all available to help you navigate the trail system. Keep your eyes peeled for local wildlife like moose, deer, fox, and bald eagles that call this area home.

4. Snake River Dike/Emily’s Pond Levee

Skiing the Snake River Dike and Emily’s Pond Levee is a great way to enjoy fresh air and some spectacular views. Feel free to ski or skate the groomed, classic ski track for a couple of miles before coming to a loop at the end of the trail. This route is also popular with dog walkers, and winter trail runners.

Local Tip: After you get past the first mile or so, the amount of skiers, runners, and dog walkers thins out dramatically. Just be patient!

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