What Are the Benefits of Midweek Travel in Jackson Hole?

If you’re planning a well-deserved vacation for yourself, considering midweek travel to Jackson Hole is essential! Here’s a little-known secret: pass on the weekend getaway and opt for a stay during the week instead. There’re several benefits of midweek travel that you should know before planning your trip! 

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3 of the Best Benefits of Midweek Travel 

Experience More for Less 

When traveling during midweek, you can expect to find lower lodging rates. That means you can stay longer and experience more in the destination for a fraction of the cost! Plus, if you book directly, you’ll be sure the snag the best deal and maximize your all-around experience.  

Avoid Weekend Crowds 

Another advantage of traveling during the week? You’ll find fewer tourists and crowds. That means getting to craft the itinerary you really want instead of worrying about finding reservations, booking tickets, and waiting in long lines. You’ll experience ease when doing all of those! You’ll truly be able to check off your top bucket list items without any complications from excess travelers.  

Use Your PTO 

If you’re like most people, you often find yourself with leftover PTO at the end of every year. Why is that? Let’s use it! After all, you deserve that extra vacation. Plan a vacation during the week to ensure you reward yourself with every hour of time you’ve earned. You’ll appreciate your vacation, even more, knowing that! 

Book Your Midweek Stay at the Bentwood Inn 

Bentwood Inn BedroomThe Bentwood Inn offers the perfect exploration through Jackson Hole and the surrounding area. Our unique, rustic property is home to an array of well-appointed guest rooms to make your stay especially comfortable. When you book a stay in any of our rooms, you can always expect nothing but the best when it comes to amenities, packages, and personalized customer service. A hearty home-cooked breakfast is just one of the many conveniences included in your stay! 

Start planning your Jackson Hole getaway today by booking your stay with us today. We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful town in the Tetons.