You’ll Find the Best Backcountry Skiing in Jackson Hole

Backcountry skiing in Jackson Hole is a sport unlike any other. Forget the paved trails and venture into the uncharted cliffs of the Teton mountains. You’ll be able to explore the wild acres on the other side of the typical resort boundaries. Allow the Tetons to become your powdery playground, and unleash your adventurous side. You’ll never forget the journey through the backcountry of Wyoming!

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Everything You Need to Know to Have the Best Backcountry Skiing Experience

About Backcountry Skiing

If you’ve ever dreamt of riding your skis past the pre-paved path, we have just the thing for you. Backcountry skiing is only a daydream for many skiers, but in Jackson Hole, you can bring your skis into a new world that’s full of unchartered slopes and rugged cliffs. They’re just waiting to be explored! Backcountry skiing allows skiers to go beyond the common trails and enter a land of untouched, white hills. The Tetons become a skiers playground and boundaries are lost. Never let borders hold you back!

Hit the Slopes in Jackson Hole

If you’re planning to hit these slopes, you’ll want to be cautious while doing so. There are plenty of backcountry tours to keep you safe while also appealing to your wild side. One of the most popular is the Jackson Hole Resort Backcountry Tour. You’ll discover secret runs across powder that has been untouched by man. You can venture beyond the bounds in Jackson Hole. There’s truly nothing like this experience. 

While most resorts don’t require skiers to follower a seasoned expert into the backcountry, it’s highly recommended. Always be sure to check the Bridger-Teton National Forest Backcountry Avalanche Hazard & Weather Forecast. Travelers cross all resort boundaries at their own risk. Educate yourself beforehand on avalanche safety and know the steps to take in the event of an emergency.

Find the Right Equipment

Safe backcountry skiing requires specific skis and equipment. There are plenty of ski shops in Jackson Hole that will prepare you for your journey beyond the boundaries. You can have your pick! Whether you’re skiing or snowboarding, you can shop various bindings, ski boots, climbing skins, ski poles, and more backcountry gear at these Jackson Hole ski shops

Return to Bentwood Inn 

The Cowboy Room at The Bentwood InnWhether you’re skiing down a man-made trail or exploring the challenging hills of the Tetons, any day on the slopes is a tiring task. Be rested assured, you can find comfort at Bentwood Inn. Your trip won’t be complete without a true Jackson wildlife spotting. You can find just that by staying at Bentwood Inn. Our lodge is so close to Wyoming’s national parks that you might even spot an elk or moose during your complimentary breakfast! There’s no other place in Jackson Hole that offers such an authentic experience.

The Cowboy Room is awaiting your stay. This king room is the perfect setting for your Jackson Hole stay. You’ll enjoy a true western feel in the snowy mountains of Wyoming. Nothing could be more appropriate for your trip into the backcountry. Let us make this trip special for you! Check our availability and book your room today. You’ll never regret an adventure through the Tetons.